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Flying Circus Air Show Opens

The Flying CircusFlying Circus Air Show is Open!
We are THRILLED to announce we are open as of Sunday July 12, 2020! Virginia’s PHASE 3 protocols will be in place, social distancing will be part of our new SOP.

Please be prepared as follows:

  • Bring a towel or blanket to sit on the bleachers.
  • Bring your own chairs.
  • Hand washing will be available at the Aerodrome.
  • Please bring your own food/ beverages! Limited snacks and drinks are available at the gifts shop.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Rides will not be available yet as we work out the ride hopping logistics.

Plan to have a grand ole time with us and help us kick off our 50th season!!

But please, if you are sick, have a fever, or have been in contact with or cared for someone who is sick in the last two weeks – please wait and join us when you are well so everyone can have their best experience!!

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