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EAA Young Eagles Announces Milestone in Sporty’s Online Course

The Learn to Fly course is offered free to Young Eagle flight participants.

By Dan Pimentel
April 7, 2020

Photo Credit: EAA volunteer pilots have flown 2,202,308 Young Eagles as of March 9, 2020.Courtesy of EAA

More than 75,000 youth have taken Sporty’s online course called Learn to Fly. The online course is a follow-up to their initial introductory flight and is a comprehensive online ground school, test prep, and flight training companion that provides all the knowledge and concepts to pass the FAA Private Pilot written test, oral exam, and check ride.

The concept to provide Sporty’s online courses at no charge for Young Eagles was developed with input from EAA pilots who had been flying Young Eagles. Those pilots reported that after their flight, many of the young people wanted to discover more about aviation but lacked access to reliable and professional resources.

The Sporty’s online Learn to Fly course is so complete, FAA has accepted it for use in approved flight schools. It features immersive real-world video to put the student in the cockpit for a “pilot’s-eye-view” of everything they’ll see during their flight lessons, and offers a personalized training experience so each student learns at their own pace. Embry-Riddle flight instructor support is now part of the course, which can culminate with an FAA private-pilot knowledge-test endorsement. The course is recommended for people ages 13 and up.

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