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Aviation Pioneer Fred E. Weick

Virginia Aviation History Project

By: Norm Crabill

Published with permission of Mr. Donald V. Weick, March 14, 2019

Aviation Pioneer, Fred E. Weick

This article is based on Norman Crabill’s notes from Fred Weick’s autobiography “From the Ground Up”, with contributions from Raymond Gill, Vice President, VAHS.

Mr. Crabill’s notes were shared with Ray Gill and Hall of Fame member (1998) Ray Tyson at a recent meeting in the Robin’s Nest Café on Fredericksburg’s Shannon Airport campus.  Norm Crabill is a Life Member of the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society and a member of the VAHS Hall of Fame (2008). He generously agreed to allow us to share his notes with our membership.

Fred Weick came to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in the 1920s and contributed to significant changes in aircraft design worldwide, including: (click here to download pdf and read the whole article)

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